Baylor University


Baylor University, 2nd rank Entrepreneur Program in the US, uses Vanguard course material as the first accredited Internet marketing course of it’s kind! We are super excited to have Baylor part of our program! Our first semester started in the Fall 2011 and we got a perfect student evaluation in just about every category from all of our students at Baylor University!

Here’s what they said about the course called Accelerated Ventures at Baylor:

“From a combination of Vanguard (the course material) and advice and experience in the field, we were set up for success from the beginning…an educational foundation that puts us in the upper 1% of people our age…and has equipped myself and the other students to succeed with any venture we pursue.” – Cole Chapman

“The Vanguard class has made such an impact on my life that I have changed my whole career path. Everything from this point on in my life will clearly rooted back to this course. I can say with full confidence this class should not only be made into a major, but should also be made into a four-year program for avid entrepreneurs looking to seriously start a business when they graduate.” – Jordan Rhodes

“This class has transformed me, inside and out, and I can’t thank Baylor or my professors enough for allowing me this amazing opportunity.” – Casey Barillas

“The most influential class I’ve taken. This is a skill set I can carry with me for the rest of my life… The most successful entrepreneurship class.” – Brian Lovin

“Be it consulting, lead generation, or other simple services, I now have the knowledge to start, automate, and work for myself while outsourcing work and allowing current technology to do most of the heavy lifting. The Vanguard experience has been a wild, wonderful ride and will stick with me throughout my life.” – Gib Reynolds

“The Vanguard class experience has been life changing. I never imagined I would be conducting international business with Venezuela at such a young age.” – Alfredo Muskus

“I learned how to live my life and achieve my dreams! Vanguard focused on efficiency: efficiency of our time, efficiency of our knowledge, and efficiency of our education.” – Kyle Mills

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